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Edward Lear works in Public Collections and in other collections open to the public

The purpose of this document is to give as complete a record as possible of Edward Lear’s works which are in public collections around the world and also those in institutions where researchers should be able to access them with permission. There are around 5000 such landscape drawings and many more finished watercolours and oil paintings. It would be a difficult task to list them all. So the method used has been to show, by each collection, the numbers of drawings, finished watercolours and oils, and in almost all cases the countries he depicted and in the case of drawings the year of travel.

A list of all Lear’s recorded travels with their dates is shown, and then the list of collections worldwide, commencing with the United Kingdom.

The full paper and catalogue of collection locations is in the below pdf. A search facility is incorporated, but to use this the pdf needs to be opened in Adobe.

Stephen Duckworth

EL works in public collections final rev 1